I believe every body has an innate capacity to heal, and has a strong automatic capacity to work towards homeostasis, or balance. Sometimes life puts a lot of demand on the body, and it needs guidance to restore its efforts towards balance.
Many of my patients think balance is staying upright without any effort.
A static point achieved and maintained.

The very basis of our being alive is because of a flow or movement – a give and take – of something: an electrical current, body fluid (blood or lymph), or a pumping action from the muscles. Good balance is one in which there’s a successful back and forth of effort centered around a focused goal – requiring feedback and learning.

There is no right or wrong answer for how you want to support your body. Sometimes the desire is there to fix all the problems and do all the things! But the resources aren’t there. And many times, the body is not ready for a fast fix of all the things anyway. My goal is to give you tools to empower you to have a more functional view of how your body works, and options out there for you to decide what works for you at that time. 

Education and Certifications

Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Licensed Physical Therapist

Arcadia University Glenside, PA 2014 graduate

Licensure in Oregon state #62454

Certified Functional Manual Therapist, 2018

Institute of Physical Art

Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pain, 2019

Integrative Pain Science Institute

School of Applied Functional Medicine

Level 1 Certified

Barral Institute

Visceral Manipulation 1, 2

Neural Manipulation 1, 2