The Power of Mushrooms!

Check out this video to learn more about how mushrooms can help your body adapt to stress better.

Hey everyone, now knowing that mushrooms are an amazing superfood for our bodies, let’s talk about ways to use them. I try to find new ways to include them into my diet daily. The easiest way to get them in your system is via capsule or tincture form. There are a lot of companies out there starting to do this. Host Defense or Life Cykel are great companies to look into for this specific need. I typically use the Host Defense Stamets 7 powder for a lot of things. 

One of my favorite things to do is to find ways to make traditionally unhealthy sweets into healthier versions containing as much superfoods as possible while still maintaining flavor. My favorite is Dark Chocolate Chip Banana Walnut Muffins or my Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats. I even add a teaspoon of the mushroom powder in my oatmeal. It does not change the flavor. I recommend taking your favorite recipes and start small with the mushroom powder, add a teaspoon at a time until you can taste it. 

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky. We have a plethora of mushrooms that grow natively here. I recently found multiple large growths of Turkey Tail mushrooms at Dorris Ranch Park in Springfield. I picked and dried them, then ground them into a meal powder to put in my coffee. I am able to get fresh and dried lion’s mane, maitake and shitake mushrooms from the Lane County Farmer’s Market. I will typically stock up on the dried mushrooms and grind them into meal powders to put in my coffee. I put a teaspoon of Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Turkey Tail in my coffee every morning. Coffee or tea is such a great way to get mushroom benefits into your system stealthily. You can also add Chaga, maitake and shitake to your coffee as well. 

Be careful with some forms of mushroom, more specifically Chaga and Reishi mushrooms. Chaga and Reishi generally need more steeping time in hot water. If you have a Reishi or Chaga powder you generally need 1 hour minimum of steep time to get the majority of the benefits. I buy Chaga chunks online and slow cook the chaga in a crock pot overnight 8-12 hours and make a wonderfully delicious chaga tea. I even like to freeze the chaga tea into ice cubes and use them for my cold brew coffee. Chaga and cold brew are a great way to start your morning. 

Lion’s Mane mushroom can have a seafoody taste/smell to it. I do not notice it in my coffee, but it makes a great substitute for vegan crab/seafood cakes. I highly recommend using mushrooms as a protein substitute in your foods. I am not a vegetarian, but sometimes it is nice to give your digestion a break from breaking down those heavy meat proteins. I like to use maitake with walnuts as a vegan taco meat substitute. I promise, if seasoned right, you will not know the difference. 

There are multiple ways to include mushrooms into your diet or daily routine. If you are not a mushroom fan, then capsule, tincture or stealth additions to food are your best bet. Buying fresh mushrooms to spice up your meals is a great way. Whatever you do, enjoy the benefit and vibration they bring to your life. 

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