Our Philosophy

To honor and empower the human body and spirit’s strength to heal.

The Devine difference

We treat your whole body and not just your symptoms. We uniquely combine art and science to treat your body, to respect your tissues and trust in your body’s wisdom to heal itself.

​Expect to receive exceptional, intuitive care in an understanding non-judgmental environment, with techniques that get to the root of the issue, treating your whole body not just coping or managing symptoms.

The techniques here uniquely combine the art of extremely specific manual techniques for nerves, vascular, organs, fascia, muscular restrictions while using current research to treat your body by respecting your tissues and trusting in your body’s wisdom to heal itself, not a cookie cutter approach.

Your experience here will likely be very different than past physical therapy you have tried. We frequently provide relief to patients who have failed previous interventions. We also frequently provide LASTING relief. Not leaving you coming back every week or multiple times a week.

We spend a full hour one-on-one with our patients in every session. No techs or assistants provide any care in our clinic.

How we treat:

As most patients come with musculoskeletal or pelvic pain issues, they frequently find their irritable bowel, migraines, nerve pain, neck or back pain, anxiety, and general stiffness are improved as a byproduct. We address the whole system, which will start with a different art of manual therapy but may also include dietary changes, a meditation program, stretching or strength training program or just teaching your body different ways to work. See testimonials for more details of patient successes.

Through my own personal experience and those of my patients, I have realized that balancing the mind with the body is the key to healing. Many patients come for symptoms and stay on for wellness care of their visceral (organ), neural, musculoskeletal symptoms, and for emotional well being.  We welcome patients seeking wellness care to optimize their total health, for pelvic or other concerns.

As long as you are moving, breathing, eating, and talking, you need to do regular body tune-ups. Just like your car, if you don’t take proper care of it, it won’t give you lasting mileage. The same goes for your body. The garbage that goes in it must be taken out.

You can’t avoid stress in life. Sh*t happens. So when you’re feeling at your wits end, don’t just ignore the signs your body is giving you. Attend to them, take care of yourself. Health equals happiness. It’s within you.

Meet our team: