Check out what some of our patients have to say about our Doctors

Dr. Devin tunes into the deepest of who I am and facilities my body’s own knowing how to heal. Even though I may not even know or trust it. She truly is a healer. She has helped me move past huge chronic pain patterns and I am moving with more and more ease now! So thankful.


I truly benefited from my distance session with Dr. Devin. She understood precisely my challenges and addressed them fully with presence and guided movements we did together. As I was guided through practices that were specifically for my body, I  noticed a shift in my body mind and spirit. I highly recommend doing distance sessions with Dr. Devin. What a blessing!


Dr. Jacob McNair is a phenomenal provider. He is very attentive and takes the time to explain his treatment plan in great detail. Highly recommend him for any patients with stress, anxiety, or dealing with pain.


A master at his craft. Any positive review I could write for Dr. Jake would be an understatement. He has an awareness of mind-body-soul that he applies masterfully into the practical art of healing; and he does it with a calm, gentle, touch. Dr. Jake actively “listens” to your body and your voice.


Dr. Devin has helped me in 2 visits with what I have been trying to work on myself and go to others for years!! Seriously, years! I am now her biggest advocate!!


From Raisin to Grape-

How can I put into words what Dr.Devin has done for me? Well, for one, I know now that we have done it together. She has shown me my own power and taught me to harness it. She has helped me to find my own true north and we are building the strength for me to live by that inner guidance.

I didn’t know what was wrong. I only knew that that this couldn’t be right. This is not what my body, my mind, my life was supposed to feel like. I looked at the list of problems that Dr.Devin treats and thought, “Oh, I don’t have any of those problems really. None of my issues are painful all the time. No one ever knows how to help me anyway. She’ll probably just tell me to lose weight.”  I contacted her, despite my misgivings.

Over the next year I learned more about myself than in the previous 32 years of my life. I was heard in a way that I had never been heard before and allowed myself to feel things that I had pushed down for decades. It was easier to feel them with Devin supporting me. This little voice inside of me says “It’s okay, she’s got you” and I can fall apart, become stronger, go deeper, see clearer, and emerge a more pure, honest representation of myself. 

When I began this process I felt low to moderate pain most of the time in my back, jaw, knee, neck, shoulders, legs, all over. I also experienced disconnection from my body that I was unaware of until Devin’s patience allowed me the time to really listen to my body. I had accepted these things as a normal part of life that I needed to suck up and move on from. With the help of visceral manipulation and coaching my physical issues have all but gone. When I have flare ups I know why and I know how to support myself through them. Doing this work has brought about a real transformation of body, mind, and spirit. 

Devin cracked me open so that all of the magic and trauma and ugliness and beauty could be seen. And she never suggested that I lose weight.


I had two hip replacements in less than a year.  The first hip dislocated six weeks after the surgery.  As I was recovering from the dislocation, I fell and injured my shoulder, which resulted in rotator cuff surgery.  Following each of the first two surgeries,  (hip and shoulder) I received physical therapy on a weekly basis, but because of restrictions imposed by insurance companies and practices of the clinic, the therapists were able to either treat either my hip or my shoulder, not both at the same time.  At the end of my allotted visits, neither joint was functioning properly and the second hip was deteriorating rapidly. After the second hip surgery, I began working with Devin.  She took a holistic approach to my case, working not only on recovery of all three joints but also addressing the anxiety and trauma that the dislocation and frequent emergency room visits had caused.  Our appointments were in my home, where she could show me where and how to practice each exercise.  Eventually, we met at a therapy pool and a fitness center and walked around the neighborhood as she gave me tips on overall strengthening and improving my gait.  I am currently working toward a hike to the bottom of the  Grand Canyon and back, and I firmly believe I owe my recovery, physical and emotional, to Devin.


Jacob is professional and very informative on many things. I always come away feeling better. Physically and mentally. Very easy to talk to and he listens.


Devin has the passion and unique ability to help others realize their ability to live without pain!  As a former collegiate athlete, I went from taking several narcotic prescriptions and foam roller routines just to be able to function on a daily basis, to thriving without any prescriptions or constant need  to massage sore spots.  I had been living with persistent hip pain and had no idea it was related to my pelvic floor until I saw Devin.  The Visceral Manipulation she has done has helped me to breathe easier – I have more space to take full inhalations and can exhale further than I ever realized.  Initially, I saw Devin about 6-8 times in clinic as a physical therapist.  By then, I had graduated to her strength training program and now I swing kettlebells with her twice per week and see her in clinic about twice per year for regular tune ups!  Words to not begin to express the gratitude I have for having the opportunity to have Devin be a part of my life!


I’ve been a patient and client of Dr. Devin’s for over 2 years now, as I’ve wound a lot of stubborn tension patterns into this body of mine. She is so articulate, understanding, patient, and asks just the right questions. Dr. Devin one of the first practitioners that I’ve had to actively put the responsibility (and power!) of healing back into my hands- and it works. I’m feeling stronger, ready and able to move through what life has to offer me. I see her now for personal training, and wish more movement instructors/trainers would take a page from her book- to find QUALITY OVER QUANTITY in each and every movement. Book your session now, she is absolutely worth more than what she charges. Just be ready to do your work too- physical and emotional.


Dr Jake is awesome. He is very concerned and cares about making you feel better mentally and physically and not to just put a bandaid in it but go deeper and find out what’s causing the problem(s).


Devin is tireless in finding the right therapy that works for you. She is constantly learning new techniques and challenges herself to be the best she can, all for the betterment of her patients.


I am able to move because of Dr. Jake. Everyone has been amazing, and I’m so thankful to have someone who I trust to care and diagnose.