Optimize your time.

Heal from afar.

NOW IS THE TIME, more than ever to prioritize your health and well being!

You can get great, effective care right from home using telehealth.

It may seem odd to do Physical Therapy virtually, but after experiencing this type of care, you will find how beneficial it truly is!


Telehealth was originally developed to provide specialty care to people living in rural or inaccessible areas but is now being widely used during the pandemic to provide healthcare to people without needing to share the same physical space.

Telehealth is the provision of healthcare (in our case, physical therapy, functional medicine, distance healing, & wellness coaching) using video conferencing on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. One of our practitioners is on one end of the call in our office and you are in the comfort of your home!


We can provide almost all of the same services we provide in-person to help you move better, reduce your pain, and get you going on your journey to optimal health.


We can take your medical history, assess your movement patterns, check out your range of motion and strength, discover the root cause of your pain or movement concern, give you individualized instructions in exercises and self-treatment techniques, demonstrate therapeutic activities, prescribe home programs, and, of course, provide health and wellness coaching (which has always been conversation-based)!


We obviously cannot provide any hands-on treatments or techniques over the computer.

Luckily, our treatment approach has always been with the foundation of EMPOWERING YOU! with focus on movement and lifestyle-based care to teach you how to be an active participant in your recovery and health journey, so feel empowered!


We can provide telehealth services to anyone in the entire world!

You need an internet connection strong enough to support video conferencing. Our tele-health platform is the same patient portals to schedule online, it is extremely easy to use and you don’t even need to download anything or create an account. We will simply send you the link to your appointment. After you click the link, we are ready to get started!

Insurance companies all have different policies right now about covering/reimbursing telehealth. That is why we are offering sessions at a low rate that can be paid with HSA funds and many insurers are now reimbursing tele-health visits, due to COVID. So, yes, we will continue to provide superbills upon request.

Distance Healing Sessions:

Dr. Devin – Self somatic release, awareness, self healing, body, mind integration

Dr. Jake- Healing from the core

Don’t put your pain, mobility concerns, and health goals on the backburner!

You deserve to take care of yourself right now!

Physical Therapy

  • Physical Therapy specific to your body, your pain and your needs; may include:
  • mobility
  • strength
  • neural decompression strategies
  • coordination
  • balance
  • mind-body strategies (Nervous system down training for fight/flight response to stressors)
  • This is specific to pain and movement limitations due to injury or surgery
  • Follow ups based on your evaluation and diagnosis from one of our practitioners
  • 30 min: $90
  • 60 min: $175

Health Coaching

  • Sleep hygiene
  • Hormone support and balancing
  • Nutrition
  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • This is for someone whom desires to dive deeper into their lifestyle habits to improve your well being.
  • 30 min: $60
  • 60 min: $120

What have others said about it?

I truly benefited from my distance session with Dr. Devin. She understood precisely my challenges and addressed them fully with presence and guided movements we did together. As I was guided through practices that were specifically for my body, I  noticed a shift in my body mind and spirit. I highly recommend doing distance sessions with Dr. Devin. What a blessing!” – A.S.

“Working with Dr. Devin through a distanced session has proven to be impactful and empowering. For myself, distanced sessions have been a great option for me when I have been unable to see Dr. Devin in person when I am need of that extra support. These sessions have been a reminder that with some guidance, we really do have the power to be our own healers too.” – E.N.

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