What is Functional Manual Therapy?

A Functional Manual Therapist ® is trained to identify specific mobility limitations within the joints, soft tissues, viscera (life sustaining organs) and neurovascular tissues. This unique and immediately effective intervention combines active movements and resisted contractions with a specific directional pressure to produce efficient mobility.

The unique aspect of FMT® is the integration of mobility concurrent with the retraining of neural pathways needed to use that new motion. This makes treatments very functional and interactive. The ultimate goal of Functional Manual Therapy® is to provide the patient with proprioceptive awareness to become more aware of the mechanical abilities and function of their bodies. A body that is well connected within itself is a body that is less painful and enjoyable to use!

Is Functional Manual Therapy For Me?

  • If you have been to conventional physical therapy and been frustrated because the benefits and the relief required an unrealistic exercise program 
  • If you’re not sure why your body aches came on and don’t seem to be going away even though the specialist said there’s nothing wrong
  • You’ve had surgery – of any sort -but still don’t feel like the issue is fully resolved or there are NEW issues despite the surgeon saying there’s nothing more that can be done
  • Every time you start working out or increasing physical activity, you get injured
  • You are apprehensive about starting an exercise routine because of a neurological, metabolic or autoimmune condition