Divine Botanicals

Happy End of Summer Devine Strength Family!

We hope you have been enjoying yourself this summer. We have some exciting news to share with you. You may have noticed some jars and tinctures warming your welcome into the clinic. Dr. Jake has been in his alchemy kitchen creating some high vibrational concoctions to vitalize your being. You may have already been lucky enough to experience the uplifting qualities of our Grounding and Clearing spray in treatment sessions. From the inspiration of the Grounding and Clearing spray, Dr. Jake was inspired to find ways to continue raising our vibration for our daily lives. He was inspired to create Divine Botanicals! Divine Botanicals are high vibrational creations to raise the frequency of your light by vitalizing your being. 

Divine Botanicals is a growing line of crystalline and Reiki charged and ayurvedic chant infused tinctures, butters, salves and sprays designed to connect you to the healing power of nature and YOU. All products are organic and either grown in Dr. Jake’s garden or locally sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs and Lane County Farmers Market. Each product comes with its own affirmation and a unique meditation created by Dr. Jake. 

Tinctures ($33):

Mind: A magical tincture containing neuroprotective and cognitive enhancing herbs and mushrooms. Mind is intended to be a daily Nootropic. Nootropics are commonly thought to provide brain support, cognitive function, mental clarity and mental performance enhancement. Containing Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, Bacopa Monnieri, Rosemary and Peppermint, this nootropic tincture is fueled to protect, optimize and vitalize all mental functions. 

Immune: Your first line defense strengthening tincture. This tincture has a combination of herbs and mushrooms that optimize the immune system and strengthen the gut microbiota. Utilizing the life-giving gift of Chaga and the gut boosting blessing of Turkey Tail combined with the immune boosting herbs of Echinacea, Nettles and Elderberry, this tincture fortifies your being from any immune challenges. 

Adapt: An energizing and stress modulating tincture that optimizes your body’s ability to adapt and integrate stress. Combining the ancient Chinese miracle mushroom, Reishi, with potent Ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs of Ashwaganda, Holy Basil, Rhodiola, Eleuthro, Ginseng and Gotu Kola creates a divine coalescence geared specifically to strengthen and support your body. Taken daily this divine botanical can improve the resilience of your mind/body connection during times of distress. 

Coming soon: Heart Connection and the Chakra series


Elevate Body Butter ($44/ 8 oz or $25/ 4oz) is a magical creation of nourishing organic skin vitalizing oils, herbal infusions and essential oils. Elevate is a high vibration body butter that can elevate your frequency with use.

Coming soon: Calm and Nourish

Radiance Facial Butter ($55/4oz or $33/50ml) is a magical creation of nourishing organic skin vitalizing oils, herbal infusions and essential oils. Radiance has been infused with anti-aging essential oils and hydrating compounds of aloe vera and rose water. Radiance has been infused with calendula, gotu kola and yarrow to vitalize your radiant auras. 


Ground and Clear (G&C) ($33/ 4 oz): Our daily divine addition to life. You probably have smelled G&C in your appointment. We use it daily to clear negative frequencies and ground any space or patient. G&C begins in the light of a full moon with lunar charged black tourmaline water. The charged water is further enhanced with Ayurvedic chants, Reiki energy and essential oils. One spray can really open up a room, clear any negative frequencies and ground you when you are feeling out of sorts. It is a must have for traveling or new spaces.

Coming soon: Vibrance