Times are tough AND you are enough.

 Yep, let’s get straight to it. Times are tough. I have shared many conversations with patients in the recent weeks and days of how dark the times are right now and how tough it is. It is affecting us all in our own ways. Yes, even me too.

Some people have come in with increased severity of symptoms related to anxiety, depression, PTSD or even increased physical pains. YES, this is all possible and truthfully I would be surprised if you didn’t feel something when faced with these events and realities. You care, you have empathy for the souls affected and the soul of the earth.

 So, what can you do? 

Much like the plant that finds a way to grow amongst all the concrete, you too can grow in tough conditions.

Ok so remember a few months ago. Jess wrote a series of articles that went into greater depths of the

4 F’s in trauma response. 





We mentioned how it’s good to know your own tendencies. Ultimately deep forms of mindfulness and awareness. 

So, relating that to now and these specific times…

The thing is, the events of today’s world likely remind each one of us of some shitty horrible experience(s) we had in our life. Or about our beliefs of the world as a whole. When our subconscious system/limbic system gets confirming information and experiences it, it then tends to bury those impressions deeper into our nervous system and ultimately our belief systems of the world. This is called confirmation bias in psychology and science. Impressions is my preferred term.

Each confirmation deepens the embedding of impressions in our system. So, you develop habits of how you might respond to stress and especially traumatic events. So, do YOU tend to fight, fly, freeze or fawn? How does it show up in your subconscious? Or your nervous system?

When we meet darkness, anger, hate and fear with the same anger, darkness or rage it only feeds it. Darkness, anger, hate and fear want you to fight.  Darkness wants you to feed into the same energy and intensity you’re seeing. 

What if, though, we stayed in the light of our souls. THAT my friends, darkness doesn’t know how to handle THAT. When you meet darkness with light, acceptance, and love. It loses power, it loses its intensity. Think about it, whenever you have had someone being confrontational with you, if you also get confrontational what happens? 

Do you get anywhere? 

Or do you go back and forth yelling at each other or only fueling the anger or frustration within both of you more? 

Now, what about the times when a friend came to you upset and angry about something and you listened to what they had to say, explained your perspective gently and expressed your feelings while also expressing that you care more about reaching a resolution than proving them wrong. What happens then? The situation diffuses, doesn’t it? It loses its fiery rage. 

This, my friends, is happening now on a way larger scale. The events and people that are living in anger, rage and greed want you and every one of us to feel it too with fear as the cherry on top. 

So, how can you shift away from darkness and orient yourself to the light of life? 

  • Mind body connection via yoga, meditation, breathing exercises. ( Free resources available on our website) 
  • Find connection in nature. Frequencies of earth are the ultimate healing. 7.83Hz for you science savvy folks out there. 
  • Frequency in sound. Yes, sound. Intentional healing frequencies remind the CNS of the vibrations needed to realign to healing. This is why I use tuning forks of certain frequencies in the clinic to facilitate your CNS attuning to healing frequencies usually during or after hands on treatment opens. Sound bath anyone? Healing or calming music? 

All of these modulate your sympathetic nervous system and trauma responses. And ultimately reminding you, your subconscious and central nervous system of your true nature. Peace. Ease of movement and breath. Sleep. Rest, rejuvenation. 

So, our work is to clear the impressions! OR better yet notice when they have been triggered and do something about it then and there to not continue in the pattern. Need support? That’s why we are here, to help you connect and nurture the healing strength within you!


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