Food Cravings

4 Root Causes of Food Cravings

Even though we might not be able to get together with all of our friends and family this holiday season, the likelihood of us indulging on food this winter remains high! Maybe even higher than before because everyone’s stress level is through the ROOF!

We want to help support you by helping you understand the root causes of food cravings so you can potentially learn how to avoid them. Listen to Dr. Jake and Dr. Ruth to learn about the 4 root causes of food cravings!

Food Craving Solutions!

Now that you understand more about the causes of food cravings, you can make a few small shifts in your lifestyle to avoid some of them. But, this is LIFE, right?!? So we know we are all going to get the undeniable urge for that late night snack of Oreos and milk (or whatever your fix may be). Well, we got you covered — here are a few solutions to get you through your next craving. Listen and learn!

Want some support during the holidays this year? Dr. Ruth and Dr. Jake are now offering Functional Medicine consultations – virtually and in person! Let us know how we can help.