How Will You Bloom This Spring?

You may have noticed the flowers blooming around you.

What about the flower within you? 

I know, I know. That sounds super “woo woo”. 

The flower within me? Come on, Dr. Devin.

Yes, I’ll say it again. And louder this time. 

What about the flower within you!? 

What did you notice as you heard that? Where in your body did you feel something? Maybe a tightening, or an expansion, maybe a tingling. Yep. THAT. 

Let’s talk about THAT.

What is that? What is that inside you that is aware of the world around you? Seeing others, witnessing the activities of the day. The part of you that wants to thrive or maybe has a hard time with it all. The part of you that contemplates your life late at night or early in the morning.

Some might call it the soul, some might call it intuition. What if we called it your body’s inner wisdom? Or innate knowing? 

Think about it, how does your body know how to heal a cut or scrape? How do people recover and survive the most traumatizing unimaginable events? How do you know that your kid is about to do something to hurt themselves before it happens? How do you “just know” something that doesn’t make logical sense? 

Yeah, you just do. Call it your gut knowing, spidey sense, whatever you will. It is there. In all of us.  There is an innate wisdom within all of us. 

Most therapies focus on outside authorities. Think about it. The entire typical medical system is based on a dynamic that you have a problem and you need a Doctor to tell you what is wrong with you. 

External Locus on Control vs. Internal Locus of Control

Where is your sense of authority? Outside of you? Or inside of you? 

Our culture, upbringing, and programming have not allowed many of us to tap into this profound resource within us. I have to admit, I grew up with a lot of outside authorities. Telling me what to do, how to do it, how to be successful or how to play the rules of life. Yes, there was value in that. Yes, I am successful as I am because of many of those influences. AND at some point I needed to get to know my own authority. Particularly, when it came to coming back into my body and healing my body. So, over time, I began asking what was right for me. What FELT right for me.

Then as I found these modalities of visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy and somatoemotional release I finally saw that there are modalities that not only tap into the innate knowing but rely on it!

The therapies that we provide at Devine Strength & Physiotherapy focus on your inner authority. Your innate wisdom. We are here as facilitators of your body’s own inner wisdom. Whether that be in relation to your pain, reconnecting with your body or parts of your body or even a decision you need to make for your life.

We focus on your inner authority. Your innate knowing, your intuition, your inner wisdom, your body’s wisdom. 


Chronic pain, chronic depletion and fatigue limit our abilities to tap into our self responsibility/innate wisdom. We are simply trying to survive in these states. The prefrontal cortex can become much more active to take over the survival of the system.  So, yes sometimes more outside influences, specific interventions and expertise are needed. This is why we also provide services like Functional Medicine, Neural, Vascular and Visceral Manipulation. These therapies help the physiology of the body. 

We are multifaceted though. We are organisms. Not machines. What works for one does not work for another. Where are you on your journey? Do you need cell support? Or do you need soul support? 

Become your own agency, your own authority. We’re here to help facilitate this journey with you. We’re here to help you not fix you. You aren’t broken. You are whole, it’s about recovering these parts of yourself.