November 2019: Holiday Stress

What can you do to support your well being during the Holiday Season? 

  • Your ideal water intake is ½ your bodyweight in ounces. That is more than what most people think, but its because over 70% of our body is water and all your body’s processes require water to work efficiently –especially detoxification.  If that sounds like more water than you are used to consuming, just try to increase your daily intake gradually.  Every little bit helps! 
  • Choose to drink herbal tea over coffee, sparkling water or other carbonated beverages, and juice.  All those other drinks can offset the water you’re trying so hard to consume enough of.  Not to mention, relying on caffeine to get you through a long day …. well, that is a whole other newsletter! 
  • Have a regular breath practice.  Being aware of your breath and knowing how to use it to calm and down regulate the sympathetic nervous system is really a talent that shouldn’t be overlooked. You might think that breathing is automatic, so it’s great that you don’t have to think about it, but once you become aware of it and start to tap into the potential of it, you can elevate your health to the next level. A calm nervous system paves the way for a STRONG immune system! Take even just 3 SLOW deep inhales and exhales in a moment of tension.  Try it and notice how you feel after.  Let us know what you think! 
  • Really try to limit sugar intake.  Sugar is in everything processed – so fill your plate with as many fresh veggies as possible.  Mashed potatoes with heavy cream and butter don’t count as veggies, my friend!  If you do have too much sugar (or dairy, or gluten, or . . . .) we have supplements that can help you recover quicker, provided you also get right back on track.  And if you’re planning on indulging on a Thursday later this month  . . . . we can get you covered with some supplements ahead of time too.  I know I’ll be taking my supplements before heading to my Dad’s house for dinner! 
  • We recommend supplements to support your immune system: We now carry several supplements that can help support you during the cold, flu, holiday craze season. To name a few that we have: Congaplex, Cataplex ACP, Vit D, Turmero for inflammation.  We don’t recommend all supplements for everyone as each person is unique, so chat with us before getting any to make sure you’re not over supplementing your body (that is no good either).  
  • Utilize essential oils and spices to help curb sugar cravings.  I put a couple of drops of cinnamon essential oil in hot water and it is truly a delight — really — a must try! 
  • And of course . . . . . . . Be consistent with your Physiotherapy treatment!  Seriously, make sure you don’t skip out on taking care of you this holiday season. 

Interested in learning more about the supplements we are now carrying? Download the PDFs below to see what we have.